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In response to the social distancing requirements to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Links to Wellbeing are not currently offering group sessions.
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Help to improve your wellbeing

Optimal Health Program (OHP)

The Optimal Health Program takes a holistic look at mental and physical health by reviewing the stressors and obstacles that affect your wellbeing.
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Bust out of negative stress patterns

Stress Busters workshop

Stress can creep up on us over time and affect how we react and feel about everyday life. Find ways to identify and manage your stress and develop a personal stress management plan.
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Learn how to manage anxiety

Anxiety management group

For some people, anxiety can become a problem. Worries can start to feel uncontrollable and people can start avoiding important activities. Using evidence-based CBT strategies, we help to identify and manage many different sorts of problem anxiety.
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Easy access, no cost, mental health support

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