Haidee Baker
Haidee Baker

Haidee Baker

Mental Health Clinician

Haidee Baker has been part of the Links to Wellbeing team since February 2018.  Haidee is a psychologist who works in the Perinatal Program, where she provides counselling and psychological support to parents in the antenatal period (during pregnancy) and in the first year of parenthood.  Haidee has received specialised training and supervision in Perinatal Psychology.  

Haidee works in partnership with her clients to help them identify their goals and bring about positive change.  She has a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and often uses this therapeutic approach with her clients.  She also uses a range of strategies from other therapeutic models, including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Relaxation and Skills Training, Interpersonal Therapy, and Psycho-Education.

Haidee is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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