Thomas Blackford
Thomas Blackford

Thomas Blackford

Mental Health Clinician

As a mental health social worker, Tom sees people’s problems in the context of their whole life, rather than as something wrong with them.  Experiences when growing up, and trauma through any part of a person's life can have a profound impact.  Tom has experience in working with trauma and childhood abuse, which can present as anxiety and depression.  Very often, people think they are defective or unlovable, as a result of things that have happened to them, but these ideas can be undone.

 Tom has worked in the mental health field for more than 30years, with adults and older persons and likes seeing changes happen in the lives of the people seeking support.  Tom borrows useful ideas from anywhere and maintains a current practice with frequent attendance at training seminars. Tom favours strategic approaches including family therapy, neurolinguistic programming, solution-focused therapy and CBT and Mindfulness.

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