Disbandment of Links to Wellbeing

Disbandment of Links to Wellbeing

July 3, 2023
Following funding changes, Links to Wellbeing will be permanently closing on 30 June 2023. Many of the Links to Wellbeing services will transition to the new Southern Wellbeing Hub, funded by the Adelaide PHN, which launches on 3 July 2023.

The Lived Experience Telephone Support Service will transition from Links to Wellbeing to Skylight from October.

The Links to Wellbeing Shared Care service will continue to be delivered as a Neami National service.

The Links to Wellbeing services that will be discontinued are:

  • Walk-in, After-hours Mental Health Service  
  • Connected in Wellbeing

During this transition phase, we will assist consumers to transition to alternative services where needed and continue to update and communicate changes with existing consumers. Links to Wellbeing has provided counselling and mental health support across Central and Southern Adelaide for many years.

During this time, Neami National is proud to have worked in partnership with Mind Australia and Skylight Mental Health to provide support to the local community via the Links to Wellbeing service.

We also thank our Links to Wellbeing staff and our partners, for the meaningful support they have provided across the Central and Southern Adelaide communities.

For more information, about the availability of services and the closure of Links to Wellbeing visit:


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