Immediate, after-hours support for mental health concerns.

Immediate, after-hours support for mental health concerns.

August 13, 2020
A new Walk-in Mental Health Service is now available for people who are seeking help with stress, grief, depression and anxiety outside regular support service hours.

The Walk-in, After-Hours Mental Health Service is located at the Noarlunga GP Plus Super Clinic, the service is open from 5pm–11pm Thursday to Saturday and 5pm–11pm Monday.  

The free service is walk-in, and no appointment or referral is required.

It is available to people who require immediate mental health support without attending the emergency department.

Funded by the Adelaide PHN, the service is delivered by Links to Wellbeing.

Deb Lee Adelaide PHN CEO said “Mental health challenges are not 9-5, the Mental Health Walk-in Service is about providing immediate, in-person care for people when they are struggling after-hours and support to start planning their next steps.”

Link with ongoing support

With a comprehensive understanding of the mental health system, we also provide information about a range of other services available and how to navigate them.  

For longer-term support, we can refer to local mental health or counselling services.  For intensive and complex support, we can also refer to acute mental health services.


To be eligible for Walk-in After-Hours Mental Health Service, you need to be 16 or over and:  

  • be experiencing mental health concerns from stress, grief or situational issues  
  • be experiencing signs of not coping  
  • live in Southern Adelaide.

Visit in-person 

GP Plus Building, Alexander Kelly Dr, Noarlunga Centre SA 5168

  • 5pm–11pm Thursday to Saturday 
  • 5pm–11pm Monday


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