Connected in Wellbeing

Connected in Wellbeing

Therapeutic support for people living with severe mental illness in Residential Aged Care Facilities

We provide mental health and wellbeingsupport for people residing in a Residential Aged Care Facility.

We work collaboratively with residents,their GP, facility staff and family to ensure a tailored approach to care.

Flexible support to meet your needs

Connected in Wellbeing supports people residing in Residential Aged Care Facilities to improve mental health and wellbeing.

We work with people experiencing challenging circumstances providing support with:

  • family relationships
  • adjusting to a new environment
  • dealing with trauma, grief and loss
  • experience of severe mental illness.

Help to make positive changes 

Our qualified staff are skilled in providing counselling to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Our staff will visit you where you live and work alongside you to develop a support plan tailored to your individual needs. 

Together, we develop strategies to address your concerns and to begin to make changes in your life.

Link to services

We can help connect you to relevant health services to support your mental wellbeing and make sure they’re meeting your needs.

We will work closely with you and other services to help you access the right support at the right time.

How to access Connected in Wellbeing support


Connected in Wellbeing is available for people living in Residential Aged Care Facilities.

Speak with your General Practitioner, facility staff, or other healthcare professionals to discuss if you're eligible for the service. 

Connected in Wellbeing is a free service for Residential Aged Care Facility residents.  

Experienced mental health clinicians

Our team provide evidence-based and recovery-focused support