Low-intensity Interventions

Easy to access, focused, short-term support including phone-based low-intensity CBT.

Low-intensity CBT

Low-intensity cognitive and behaviour-based therapy (LiCBT) is an evidenced-based treatment recommended for individuals experiencing mild to moderate issues with their mental health, anxiety or depression.  

Treatment is evidenced based, focused, short duration, and can be provided over the phone if it is difficult to attend face to face meetings.

Clinicians are specifically trained to deliver the program and work collaboratively with you. The program also provides help to build skills and access to resources to record your progress and use into the future.

An initial 1-hour face to face assessment session is followed up by 3-6 short treatment sessions, either face to face or on the phone.

As part of stepped model of care, you can easily move to programs dealing with more complex issues if necessary.  We can also identify other resources or services that may be helpful to you.

How to access this program

Individuals 16 years and above may be referred by a GP or self-referred to the program.

Optimal Health Program

The Optimal Health Program (OHP) is an eight-week program that encourages you to examine what optimal health means to you and supports you to put strategies in place to make positive changes.

Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing, OHP considers the role of social, emotional, mental, physical, occupational and spiritual needs as part of your overall health.

OHP acknowledges the impact that stressors and vulnerabilities have on your health. Using the ‘I Can Do’ model, OHP helps to manage changes in your wellbeing with strategies that use your strengths.

The OHP can provide support to:

  • Work with your strengths and values
  • Set goals to improve wellbeing
  • Increase awareness of factors that impact wellbeing and health
  • Use creative problem solving
  • Identify barriers to change
  • Learn new skills to improve your wellbeing
  • Build confidence and self-efficacy

Planning your wellbeing

Develop supports and strategies to help you achieve good health and wellbeing.

Through the OHP you’ll develop an individual wellbeing plan which looks at three key areas of health:

  • Optimal health: Recognise your strengths and strategies for managing everyday health and wellbeing
  • Sub-Optimal health: Increase your understanding and ability to monitor stress and vulnerabilities
  • Episodes of ill health: Manage the times when you’re unwell with pre-set strategies and supports.

How to access this program

To be eligible for Links to Wellbeing, you need to live in the Central or Southern Adelaide, be 16 or over, and be:

  • Experiencing increased life stressors
  • Noticing signs of anxiety or depression
  • At a low-moderate risk of suicide



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