Mental health support for older people impacted by COVID

Mental health support for older people impacted by COVID

Help to manage anxiety, stress or depression due to isolation.

We help you to improve your wellbeing while keeping connected to your community.

Together, we develop strategies to manage symptoms that impact on your wellbeing and help to make positive changes.

Support to improve your wellbeing

Our experienced clinicians help you understand your health and wellbeing, what is important to you and what support will help.

We work alongside you to develop skills to manage concerning symptoms that impact on your wellbeing.

One-on-one support can help make changes so you can better connect with others, be hopeful about the future and lead a meaningful life.

Keeping connected

While adjusting to the uncertainty of these times is challenging, the openness, trust and resilience we see every day demonstrates the strength of being connected.

It is vital to look after ourselves and others and to promote a sense of community at this time.

We support you to reach out to friends, family, and any other supports by phone, email, video or social media to remain connected.

Link with ongoing support

With a comprehensive understanding of the mental health system, we can also provide information about a range of other services available to you and how to navigate them.

We can refer to local mental health or counselling services or intensive and complex support.

Working together, supported by evidence

Our staff are qualified mental health clinicians with experience of working with people across a range of mental health needs.

Using a collaborative approach, we work with you to understand your needs, goals and what is important to you. Together, we work through possible solutions and support you to make changes using evidence-based strategies that are known to improve wellbeing.



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Experienced mental health clinicians

Our team provide evidence-based and recovery-focused support