Shared Care Mental Health Service

Shared Care Mental Health Service

Long term evidence-based therapy with an experienced mental health clinician

This service provides an extended period (1 – 2 years) to get to know your clinician and share your story and needs, which informs your collaborative treatment plan.

Your mental health clinician will work alongside our care coordinators where appropriate to develop, maintain, and participate in a shared management plan incorporating all of your support services and support person/s.

As experiencing mental health conditions can increase the chances of health issues later in life, the mental health clinician will also work alongside your GP and yourself to monitor your health needs.

How to access the program

To be eligible for Links to Wellbeing, you need to live in the Central or Southern Adelaide, be 16 or over, and be:

  • Experiencing increased life stressors
  • Experiencing a significant and enduring mental health condition, or likely to have a tier three diagnosis
  • At a low-moderate risk of suicide
  • You can access support with or without a referral from a General Practitioner.




Experienced mental health clinicians

Our team provide evidence-based and recovery-focused support